UP Applied Geodesy & Space Technology Research Lab.

Leading the Philippines in applied geodesy and space technology research and development.


The AG&ST Laboratory currently houses the following scientific equipments and computing facilities. The scientific instruments and equipments can be borrowed  from the lab (with at least two days reservation) by filling-up this  borrower’s form subject to GE and TCAGP’s Terms and Conditions.

SpectroradiometerWater Quality ProfilerPAR SensorSolar Radiation SensorWind Speed and Direction SensorRain Gauge2D Velocity MeterDepth Gauge and IBM Thinkpad Notebook Computer Topcon IS Scanning, Robotic, Reflectorless Imaging StationTopcon GNSS ReceiverSpectra Precision GPS Total StationHi-Target Single Beam EchosounderLowrance LCX-17M EchosounderDesktop Computers AGST Lab Workstations AGST Lab Rubbe Boat

Scientific Instruments and Sensors:

1. Ocean Optics USB 4000 Spectroradiometer

Leica ScanStation 2 in Action in Bolinao, Pangasinan

2. Ocean Optics Absorption Setup

3. Alec Electronics Water Quality Profiler, Model AAQ1183

4. Alec Electronics 2-dimensional (2D) Velocity Meter, Model Compact EM

5. OnsetComp HOBO Water Level Logger (depth range up to 76 m.)

6. OnsetComp HOBO Wind Speed and Direction Sensor (with data logger)

7. OnsetComp HOBO Solar Radiation Sensor (Silicon Pyranometer with Cosine Corrector and data logger)

8. OnsetComp HOBO Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) Sensor (with data logger)

9. OnsetComp Datalogging Rain Gauge, Model RG3-M (2 units)

10. Digital Flow Meter (mechanical type), 2 units

AGST Lab Rubber Boat

The rubber boat recently acquired by the AGST Lab.

1. Leica ScanStation 2 High Definition Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS), complete setup with Notebook Computer

2. Topcon IS Scanning, Robotic, Reflectorless Imaging Station

3. Topcon Dual Frequency Global Navigation Systems/Global Positioning Systems (GNSS/GPSs) Receivers, Model Hyper GA (3 units)

4. Spectra Precision Epoch 10 Single Frequency Global Navigation Systems/Global Positioning Systems (GNSS/GPSs) Receivers (4 units)

5. Topcon Electronic Total Station, Model GTS 239N

6. Hi-Target Single Beam Echosounder

7. Lowrance LCX-17M Echosounder


Computing Facilities

AGSTLab Computing Facilities
AGSTLab Computing Facilities

1. QuadCore Desktop Computers with Windows 7 Operating System (with 4 GB random access

memory), 5 units

2. Lenovo Thinkpad Core2Duo Notebook Computers (3 units)

3. IBM xSeries 206 Server

4. Apple MAC Desktops (2 units)


Other Equipments:

1. Canon Digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) Camera (12 megapixels)

2. Canon Compact Digital Camera (5 megapixels)

3. Nikon D70 Single Lens Reflex (SLR) Camera (12 megapixels)

4. Rubber Boat

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